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Waterwynch Bay

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Waterwynch Bay

Waterwynch Bay is a small cove about ¾ mile north of Tenby. Access is a walk of about ½ mile along a public footpath (mostly a private road) from the A478 Tenby road just south of New Hedges. There is parking for a maximum of 2 cars at this end of the lane. As Waterwynch is a small, quiet beach there is usually space here. Alternative access is from Tenby via the coastal path. Dogs are allowed at all times.

The beach is sand with a pebble bank and a small stream running down the north side. Waterwynch House sits in the narrow valley directly behind the beach, and the upper part of the shore (above the mid-tide point) is owned by that estate. The cliffs are of sandstones and mudstones, and there are further coves in both directions which can be reached at low tide. The ones to the north are the best, with sand, rocks, rockpools and caves.

Normally there is only one way on and off Waterwynch beach - there is no way up to the coast path from any of the coves on either side, and walking to the neighbouring beaches of Monkstone or Tenby can only be done on exceptionally low tides.

Cove north of WaterwynchCove north of Waterwynch
Inside one of the cavesInside one of the caves
Cove north of Waterwynch
Cove north of Waterwynch
Inside one of the caves
Inside one of the caves
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