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Wales Beach Guide
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Westdale Bay

Westdale Bay

Westdale Bay is a picturesque sandy beach situated approximately 1km west of the village of Dale. A narrow no-through road (turn left opposite church) overlooks the bay on the north side and has some (very limited) roadside parking. Additional roadside parking and a P&D car park in the village, and access to the beach is on foot from the west side of the one-way system by the castle. From here a footpath leads across a field to the coastal path, where steps descend to the shore. Dogs are allowed at all times.

The beach is backed by a pebble bank and cliffs of red sandstones and mudstones. It marks the western end of the Ritec Fault, which runs across Pembrokeshire to Tenby. About 3 miles offshore is Skokholm Island, and Grassholm Island can be seen just right of this in the far distance. It's a popular surfing beach at its best on a rising tide, but before the high tide. Strong rips can occur and it's not a beach for the inexperienced. Make sure you know where the rocks are!

The beach at Westdale
The beach at Westdale
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