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Bossington Beach

Bossington Beach

Bossington Beach is at the eastern end of Porlock Bay and consists entirely of a shingle bank, behind which is agricultural land. To the east is Hurlstone point, where a small opening at the top of a cave gives low tide access (with some difficulty) to the neighbouring beach of Selworthy Sand. Towards the centre of the beach is a WW2 pill box and some old lime kilns. There are strong currents here and signs warn that swimming is dangerous.

Parking is at a very pleasantly situated National Trust P&D car park in Bossington village, which has toilets, picnic tables, barbecue stands and plenty of seating. The main part of the beach is about ½ mile away through the village. Next to the car park a small footbridge leads over a stream to the coastal path which also gives access to the eastern end of the beach.

Bossington is an idyllic and picturesque english village with thatched cottages, narrow lanes and flower gardens. Just opposite the car park is Kitnor's tea room and garden, serving much needed refreshments.

Eastern end of the beachEastern end of the beach
Bossington villageBossington village
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