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Fontygary Bay & Rhoose Point

Fontygary Bay

Fontygary is a bay of mostly rocks with some low-tide sand, located near the village of Rhoose in south Glamorgan. The beach is backed by unstable cliffs of shale and limestone which characterise much of the Glamorgan coastline. Free parking is available at Fontygary Bay Holiday Park, from where access to the beach is a short walk down some concrete steps. A small spring emerges part way down, resulting in some of the steps being covered with a slippery green slime.

The holiday park has good facilities including a shop and takeaway. The nearby village of Rhoose has a pub (The Fontygary Inn) which serves food, and a railway station (Rhoose - Cardiff Airport). A public footpath leads south from the station to the coastal path, which can then be followed in a westerly direction to the beach. The total distance is just under ¾ mile.

At Rhoose Point the limestone cliffs have been breached by quarrying. The former quarries are now home to a housing estate and a nature reserve, the latter giving easy access to the shore through the breach in the cliffs. The beach here is completely rocky with no sand, and swimming is dangerous due to currents.

Fontygary Bay
Fontygary Bay
At Rhoose Point
At Rhoose Point
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