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Foxhole Slade

Foxhole Slade

The small, rocky cove of Foxhole Slade has two caves of note : Paviland Cave and Paviland Sea Cave. Both are about 25 yards in length. To visit them, the tide needs to be at its lowest and a spring tide is preferable.

A narrow, steep-sided inlet runs for a short distance up the beach and into the valley behind. Paviland Sea Cave is on the west side of this. The more famous Paviland Cave (also known as Goat's Hole) is higher up the rocks on the west side and can easily be accessed when the tide is low enough to cross the beach. Prehistoric remains have been found here, including a Stone Age skeleton dubbed 'the Red Lady of Paviland', which was later established to be that of a young man.

Directions : The nearest parking is on Pilton Green Common (Grid Ref: SS446871 / Lat : 51.5608°N, Lon : 4.2421°W), from where a public footpath leads across several fields to the coastal path. Directly in front, a path follows the steep-sided limestone valley down to Foxhole Slade.

Paviland Cave
Paviland Cave
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