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Somerset Beach Guide
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Glenthorne Beach

Glenthorne Beach

Glenthorne Beach straddles the Somerset / Devon border, and is a beach of rocks and pebbles. There is a small waterfall here, a few small caves an old lime kiln and the ruins of a boathouse behind the beach. North-facing and backed by high cliffs, it doesn't get much sun.

The nearest (free) car parking is at County Gate on the A39, which has toilets ♿ and a bus stop. The car park has extensive views across Exmoor to the south and the Bristol Channel to the north, and is perched high above the scenic valley of the east Lyn river.

The path to the beach begins a few yards west of the car park and is well signposted all the way as it descends the 1060 feet through the wooded cliffs to sea level. Rhododendrons grow wild alongside the route down. As these are regarded as an invasive weed in woodland, no-one is likely to object to a few being removed for the garden. Other paths lead off in most directions from the car park which is a good base for an afternoon's walking. Westwards from Glenthorne, the rocky shore becomes more difficult to walk over, and there is no further access to the shore until Lynmouth.

The photos were taken an hour before low tide.

Tideline at Glenthorne
Tideline at Glenthorne
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