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Somerset Beach Guide
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Helwell Bay

Helwell Bay

Helwell Bay is a wide beach of mostly rocks and some sand about ¼ mile east of Watchet harbour. A narrow lane (signposted Helwell Bay Caravan Park) leads to a small gravelled parking area, from where a path leads to steps down to the beach. The beach is backed by unstable cliffs, and the Caravan Park. Signs warn of mud. The sea along the coast here is a muddy brown colour, and very uninviting.

The West Somerset Railway's Doniford Halt station is at the eastern end of the beach. Dogs are allowed at all times.

From the opposite side
From the opposite side

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Date : 30 Jun 2015
Comment : This is not the sort of beach you would visit in order to bathe, but the rock strata in the cliffs and on the beach itself are fascinating and photogenic.
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