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Knave Beach

Knave Beach

On the eastern side of The Knave promontory is a rocky bay about 200 yards wide. The limestone rocks tend to be jagged and there is hardly any sand, but it is popular with surfers because of its reef break, which works best around low tide with a small swell. Reaching the shore involves a steep descent down one of two gullies from the coastal path.

Also of interest here are two caves : Ogof Wyntog and Ogof Ffynon Wyntog. The latter usually begins with a sump, but this can dry out in summer leading to a cave over ¼ mile long (not suitable for amateur exploration). Ogof Wyntog is approximately 100 yards long and has two entrances. The upper entrance is low and some crawling / wriggling is necessary to get through, but after a few yards it opens out into a larger chamber. A short crawl leads to another chamber with a steep passage descending to the larger of the two sea caves beneath it.

A short distance up the cliffs east of the accessible beach is a rock arch, just big enough to sit under, with views out to sea. Continuing east, but descending again, some smaller caves are reached, one of which is known as Deborah's Hole.

The nearest parking is on Pilton Green Common (Grid Ref : SS446871), from where a footpath leads across several fields to the coastal path. The Knave and its beach are about 600 yards to the west.

Caves and reef breakCaves and reef break
Inside Ogof WyntogInside Ogof Wyntog
Caves and reef break
Caves and reef break
Inside Ogof Wyntog
Inside Ogof Wyntog
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