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Ginst Point (Laugharne Sands)

Ginst Point

Ginst Point or Laugharne Sands (pronounced 'Larn') is at the far eastern end of Pendine Sands near the Taf estuary. The beach is fine sand and millions of shells (mostly bivalves), backed by low dunes and the MoD firing range. Due to this, access is limited but the usual closure times are between 08.00 and 16.00 weekdays and some weekends. It's usually very quiet as not many people know how to get here, but also very exposed with no shelter from the wind. Local dog walkers would seem to be the main visitors. Signs warn against touching unidentified objects, attempting to cross the estuary and swimming.

Directions: turn off the A4066 on the west side of Broadway village (signposted with brown tourist hotel and B&B signs). Follow this straight road for 1 mile to the gates of the firing range which should be open after 4 p.m. (there is an intercom here if they aren't). Follow the road to the left and continue for a further 2 miles to the very end of the road where there are two small car parks on the left. Access to the beach is a level, sandy walk of about 100 yards. If it's your first visit, remember where the car parks are, as the dunes hide them from view. The main beach is to the west and the sand continues all the way to Pendine. Not surprisingly it's easy to find a long stretch completely deserted. Ginst Point is just east of the car parks, and around the point the foreshore becomes a large flat marshy area covered with grass and sea purslane with innumerable pools and water channels.

Ginst Point, looking towards PembreyGinst Point, looking towards Pembrey
Looking east along the beachLooking east along the beach
The welcome signThe welcome sign
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