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Wales Beach Guide
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Lavernock Point & Ranny Bay

Lavernock Point

Lavernock Point is a beach of sand and rocks backed by high unstable cliffs. Parking is available on Fort Road (a no-through road from the B4267). At the end of the lane is a church and space for car parking, from where a short salebrous path leads down to a pebbly beach. To the right and around the point (tide permitting) is Lavernock Point beach (main photo), whilst to the left is Ranny Bay. This is a long beach of mudstone pebbles, backed by cliffs of sandstone and mudstone, with mud and seaweed lower down. A few spits of shingle jut out into the channel, and are popular with anglers. There is no other access to the shore northwards until Penarth. A short way back up the lane is the Marconi Holiday Park, which has a pub available to non-residents.

The beach is a popular location for fossil hunting, with brachiopods and bivalves being common finds.

Ranny Bay
Ranny Bay
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