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Wales Beach Guide
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Leys Beach

Leys Beach

Leys Beach is one of the better beaches on this section of coast. It consists of good areas of sand, some small dunes and a pebble bank with concrete groynes and backed by a concrete sea defence wall. There are some small sea and fresh water lagoons, and behind the beach is a derelict brick works and the Aberthaw Biodiversity Area. It's a good place for sunbathing and there's plenty to explore. The sea water is a muddy brown colour and you wouldn't want to swim in it. To the east the shore becomes mostly rocky, with a considerable strandline of driftwood and other marine debris.

Directions: Parking is in the village of East Aberthaw where there is a large free parking area opposite the Blue Anchor Inn. Just to the north, Well Road leads down to and under the railway where the road ends and footpaths lead off in both directions. Take the path on the left (heading south) towards the beach. Parking spaces can usually be found under the railway bridge.

Looking West
Looking West
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