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Llanelli Beach & Bae Bach

Llanelli Beach

Llanelli has a small beach of mostly course sand backed by a sea wall and low dunes, with stone breakwaters at each end. The beach looks out towards north Gower. East of the main beach are more small sandy beaches separated by breakwaters which are quieter and more sheltered. Dogs are allowed at all times.

There are good facilities here: the building behind the beach houses a Tourist Information Centre, a cafe with balcony seating and toilets. A P&D car park is just behind the beach. Signs warn against swimming, and other hazards lower down the beach include sandbanks and areas of sinking mud. Water quality may be poor after periods of heavy rain.

It's a popular spot for cycling; a cycle path follows the route of a former railway 9 miles inland to Cross Hands, whilst another runs along the coast to Pembrey Beach and forest. Approximately 2 miles to the west and easily reached by bike, is an artificial beach known as Bae Bach where industrial waste has been landscaped to form a sandy small bay.

Llanelli beach looking south
Llanelli beach looking south
Shore to the south
Shore to the south
Bae Bach
Bae Bach
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