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Marros Sands

Marros Sands

Whichever way you go, it's a long walk to get to Marros. The sandy beach stretches about 2 miles from Telpyn Point at the western end to Ragwen Point at the eastern end, and is backed mainly by a storm bank of pebbles. At low tide the patchy remains of a submerged forest can be seen, and the wreck of a schooner (the Rover) which went aground in 1886 (Grid Ref : SN198074). Towards the western end there are cliffs and caves. It never gets busy here, but being remote it has become popular with local naturists.

Some roadside parking can be found at Marros village and access is along a public footpath (track) which runs from Marros church to the coastal path, thence continuing down to the shore. The distance is about a mile, and Marros village is 450 feet above sea level. If the tide is low, walking along the shore from Amroth or Telpyn beaches is an easier option. Alternatively, roadside parking about ½ mile east of Amroth (Grid Ref : SN181076) gives access to the coastal path. After a walk of approximately ¾ mile the coastal path descends into a secluded, steep-sided valley providing access (between low and mid-tide) to the western end of Marros. Here a stream cascades over rocks onto the shingle next to a level grassed area.

Dogs are allowed at all times.

On the beachOn the beach
The western end of MarrosThe western end of Marros
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