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Once known as Traeth yr Aes, Monknash is a beach of mostly rocks, rockpools, low tide sand and wave cut shore platforms backed by the usual unstable cliffs of blue lias. Just south of Monknash village is the Plough and Harrow pub (which serves food and real ale), from where a narrow lane turns off and leads to a car park at Grid Ref: SS912700, with an honesty box for the fee. From the car park, continue along the lane (on foot) to a footpath through the Blaen-y-cwm nature reserve, which then leads down to the beach. Alternatively, roadside parking is possible at the junction with Water Street, from where a good public footpath leads across several stone stiles, closely following Nash Brook to the nature reserve and beach.

Dogs are allowed at all times.

The way onto the beach
The way onto the beach

There are 2 reviews for this beach :

Date : 01 Jan 2015
Comment : Found the location quite easily with Longitude & Latitude on the SatNav. Would like to add that the walk down to the beach is fairly picturesque through the Nature Reserve. The water has cut a lovely set of falls into the valley. The bank down to the stream is fairly steep. The overall gradient down to the beach has a fair slope to it. Plenty of mud in the wet weather. Stream runs across the path in places. We like beach walks with the dog to avoid muddy paws - that can't be avoided here. A lovely spot however, enjoyed our New Years walk.
Date : 03 Apr 2014
Comment : Stunning Monknash Beach, one of Wales' best kept secrets.
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