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Overton Mere

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Overton Mere

Lying to the west of Port Eynon Point, Overton Mere is a wide bay of limestone rocks, rock-pools, shingle and a few tiny patches of sand. The coastal path skirts the back of the beach, providing relatively easy access to the shore. Various bits of nautical wreckage are amongst the rocks, most of it from the tug Wittezee wrecked here on 12th November 1940.

On the eastern side of the bay and about 200 yards west of the point, is Culver Hole - a narrow cave sealed off by a 60 foot high wall. This was used as a dovecote and probably also as a smugglers hideout. Access to the interior is usually possible by crawling under the bottom of the wall (depending on the level of the shingle) or else by climbing up to the first opening. Inside some perilous steps set into the wall give access to the higher openings, but climbing them is definitely not recommended!

Out in the bay is a local surf spot known as Sumpter's Reef, which like most of the reefs along here, works best around low tide. It gets busy when it works, rocks are a hazard and it's definitely not for beginners.

Overton BeachOverton Beach
Culver HoleCulver Hole
Overton Beach
Overton Beach
Culver Hole
Culver Hole
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