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Pembrey Beach (Cefn Sidan)

Pembrey Beach

Pembrey Beach stretches 7½ miles from Burry Port harbour to Tywyn point near Kidwelly. The beach is fine sand backed by dunes with extensive sandbars at either end. Behind the dunes are (from E to W): the Saltings nature reserve, Pembrey Country Park, Pembrey Forest and RAF Pembrey. There are 10 access points to the beach, each with information boards and numbered CE51 to CE60. Dog restrictions apply between points CE53 and CE57 (about ¾ mile) from May to September inclusive and lifeguards patrol end of May to early September (10am - 6pm) during weekends and school holidays only.

Space is plentiful on this beach, but it is very exposed with little shelter from wind. The sea here warms up quickly and is noticeably warmer than other local beaches, particularly towards late afternoon. The tide can go out almost a mile on some tides which means a long walk for a paddle. The surf works best for an hour or two preceding the high tide but is often accompanied by a cross-current, resulting in much walking back along the beach. Rips are rare except near the sandbars, and it's a good beach for beginners.

Approximately 1¼ miles west of the main beach access point is a rock groyne built to deflect waves. Beyond this, there is only one more access point (CE60), approximately a mile further west. The dunes at this end are covered in sea buckthorn, which is pretty impenetrable. Westwards from CE60 for about 1¼ miles the beach is often deserted, even on a hot day. The boundaries of the RAF section of the beach are marked by orange tetrahedrons atop wooden poles and access is restricted, usually to evenings and weekends.

Pembrey dunes and beach
Pembrey dunes and beach
The most westerly access point
The most westerly access point
At Tywyn Point
At Tywyn Point

There are 2 reviews for this beach :

Date : 15 May 2016
Comment : Just come back from Burry Port but the highlight for me was Pembrey beach - clean, deserted. What a stunning place. Already planning next visit.
Date : 17 May 2016
Comment : Fished yesterday (16/05/16) straight out from CE60 over low - 1 hour to 3 up. Lovely peaceful stunning place to fish!
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