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Port Eynon & Horton Beach

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Port Eynon

Port Eynon is a wide sandy bay stretching from Port Eynon Point to the village of Horton - this end of the beach being known as Horton Beach. The sandy shore is mostly backed by dunes, becoming rocky at either end. To the east of Horton there are plenty of streams and rockpools. Lifeguards patrol from end of May to the end of August and dog restrictions apply from the eastern edge of the steps to the beach at Port Eynon to the eastern edge of the access at Horton (May to September inclusive). Surf conditions can be good around the high tide period with a good swell.

There are car parks (P&D) at both Port Eynon and Horton. Port Eynon village has good facilities including toilets, cafes, a pub (The Ship Inn), a youth hostel, a surf shop and a camp site just behind the beach. There is a slipway here and a marked channel for launching boats (registered users only). It is quite a sheltered bay and swimming is generally safe. Two orange buoys in the centre of the bay mark the wreck of the Prince Ivanhoe, which was holed by an unknown object on a pleasure cruise in August 1981.

At the southern end of the bay are the ruins of a building called the salt-house, where salt was extracted from sea-water. Just past this is a small sandy beach, beyond which the shore becomes completely rocky. On the other side of Port Eynon Point is Culver Hole, where a 60 foot high wall seals off a narrow cave. This was used as a dovecote and probably also as a smugglers hideout and is best reached by taking the coast path to Port Eynon point and descending to the shore just afterwards. Access to the interior is usually possible by crawling under the bottom of the wall (depending on the level of the shingle) or else by climbing up to the first opening. Inside some perilous steps set into the wall give access to the higher openings, but climbing them is definitely not recommended!

Port Eynon is a good 12 miles drive from Swansea along narrow and winding Gower roads, which can be very stressful on hot days or other busy periods.

From Port Eynon PointFrom Port Eynon Point
Horton BeachHorton Beach
Culver HoleCulver Hole
From Port Eynon Point
From Port Eynon Point
Horton Beach
Horton Beach
Culver Hole
Culver Hole
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