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Pwlldu Bay

Pwlldu Bay

Once a haven for smugglers and later a centre for limestone quarrying, Pwlldu is a secluded National Trust bay south of Bishopston. The beach is sand at low tide, backed by a substantial pebble bank and flanked by limestone cliffs which provide shelter from winds. The pebble bank has partially blocked a stream, forming a large pool just behind the beach (Pwlldu translates as "Black Pool"). At high tide the beach is approximately 300 yards wide, extending to the east and becoming ½ mile wide on the low. This part of the beach is known as Seven Slades. Swimming within the bay is generally safe. The two cottages on the western side of the valley were originally inns (The Ship & the Beaufort). Near the top of the cliff on the west side is one of the quarries, now overgrown, which is an unusual place to explore if you can find a way to reach it. Behind the beach, the wooded Bishopston valley extends for about 1½ miles inland to the village of Kittle (which has a pub).

The closest (roadside) parking to the beach is at Pyle Corner, Bishopston (Grid Ref: SS580882) from where Pwlldu Lane leads to the clifftop, thence becoming a track down to the east side of the beach. The total distance is about a mile. Alternative access is via the coastal path from Southgate or Caswell.

There are no facilities here, but there is a small shop at Pyle Corner. Dogs are allowed at all times.

Pwlldu Beach
Pwlldu Beach
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