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Swanbridge Beach

Swanbridge Beach

Swanbridge is a mostly rocky beach at the end of a narrow lane (Beach Road) from the B4267. A popular seafront pub (The Captain's Wife) has plenty of outdoor seating and a car park which doubles as a car park for the beach. About 450 yards offshore is Sully Island, a tidal island of about 14 acres linked to the mainland by a causeway which is uncovered for about 3 hours either side of low tide. The tide here comes in fast and there have been several drownings. Signs warn that crossing can be dangerous, so if you do make the short walk across make sure you know the tide times! Other facilities at the beach include a restaurant and a small snack bar.

The photo below shows the beach with Sully Island to the right. Out to sea are the islands of Flat Holm (left) and Steep Holm (right). Between them is the headland of Brean Down in Somerset.

The stony beach
The stony beach

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Date : 05 Oct 2014
Comment : Not so long ago, this beach with its fantastic potential - Beaut views and great pub, had been a dumping ground for builders rubble and I mean massive broken concrete slabs covering 50-75% of the long but narrow beach. Now, if it has been cleaned as described in the Times article of early Oct 14, it will be a magnificent local beauty spot.
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