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Wales Beach Guide
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Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay extends 4 miles from the River Tawe to Oystermouth. The upper shore is sand, which extends along the bay as far as Oystermouth, beyond which it becomes stony. Low dunes back the beach from St Helens to Blackpill. The lower shore has patches of mud, and you are unlikely to reach the sea at low tide without sinking ankle deep. A promenade / cycle path and the Mumbles Road run behind the beach for its entire length.

Dog restrictions apply on two sections of the beach from 1st May to 30th September. These are : from the River Tawe to the slip opposite Victoria Park, and from the access point at Sketty Lane to the slip opposite the West Cross Inn. Lifeguards patrol during the school summer holidays on the St Helens section.

Facilities along the bay include :
Sketty Lane - P&D car park, Singleton Park (boating lake and pub), the 50-metre Wales National Pool, level access to beach.
Black Pill - P&D car park (north side of road), a restaurant, toilets, children's paddling pool and play area.
Oystermouth - P&D car park, plenty of shops, toilets ♿ and a Norman castle.

Swansea Bay at Sketty
Swansea Bay at Sketty
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