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Three Cliffs Bay & Pobbles Bay

Three Cliffs Bay

Three Cliffs Bay is one of the most picturesque bays on Gower, with the area to the east of the distinctive headland being known as Pobbles Bay. The closest parking is at Penmaen or Southgate. At Penmaen there is (free) parking either in a small lay-by on the south side of the road, or on Cefn Bryn common on the north side (just across the cattle grid). Public footpaths lead from here to Three Cliffs and Tor Bay. Alternatively, at Southgate there is a car park (attended / P&D) on the cliffs from where the coastal path can be followed (about ¾mile) to the beach. Another option is to take the public footpath which begins at Pennard Golf Club and leads down to Pobbles Bay, but parking nearby is difficult.

The beach is sandy with dunes, high limestone cliffs and a small pebble bank. The Pennard Pill snakes its way across the beach and rip currents occur near the headland on an ebbing tide. If you're not a strong swimmer or surfer, avoid swimming in this area and anywhere on the beach in surf conditions. It's a good location for a day out, and there's plenty to explore. Dogs are allowed on this beach at all times and lifeguards patrol end of May to early September (10am - 6pm) during weekends and school holidays only.

Just inland on the eastern side are the ruins of Pennard Castle, where the rare Yellow Whitlow Grass can be found in flower during April and May.

Pobbles Bay with Three Cliffs behindPobbles Bay with Three Cliffs behind
Stepping stones across Pennard PillStepping stones across Pennard Pill
Pobbles Bay with Three Cliffs behind
Pobbles Bay with Three Cliffs behind
Stepping stones across Pennard Pill
Stepping stones across Pennard Pill
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