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Whiteford Sands

Whiteford Sands

Whiteford Sands (pronounced 'Whitford') is a 2 mile long sandy beach at the far end of the Gower peninsula. It consists of clean, fine sand backed by dunes. Behind the dunes is the national nature reserve of Whiteford Burrows and a few small coniferous plantations. The beach used to be part of a firing range and a signs warn against touching unidentified objects. Whiteford's cast iron lighthouse stands on a spit at the north end of the beach, and can be reached at low tide. At most stages of the tide it is possible to walk to neighbouring Broughton Bay. There are fast currents along this beach and swimming is dangerous, but it's a good beach for sunbathing, escaping the crowds and exploring. Dogs are allowed at all times.

The nearest parking is at Llanmadoc - take the right fork at the church towards Cwm Ivy, and the car park is a few yards down on the right. The parking is on grass, and there are some picnic tables and an honesty box. From here it is a good ¾mile walk to the beach. Alternatively, park in Llanmadoc village, and follow the footpath marked 'Whiteford Burrows' which leads to the rear of the dunes at roughly the centre point of the beach. There are no facilities at the beach, but Llanmadoc village has a pub (The Britannia Inn) which serves food.

There have been many wrecks along this beach, and following a severe storm in January 1868 the beach was strewn with bodies from wrecked ships. Not surprisingly there are several reports of hauntings - one being the thunderous sound of horses' hooves starting in the direction of Broughton Bay and ending abruptly at Whiteford.

Northern end of the beachNorthern end of the beach
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