Secret Beaches of Wales - the Ultimate List

The Best Internet Compilation of Wales' Secret, Hidden Coves.

Ever since Rob Smith's book 'Secret Beaches - Wales' was published in 2012, the term 'Secret Beaches' has been coined by many websites, each with their own list. Some of these beaches (such as Brandy Cove - Gower, Watwick Bay - Pembrokeshire and Traeth yr Ora - Anglesey) are now listed on so many sites, they're hardly 'secret' any more.

This then, is the ultimate guide to the Secret Beaches of Wales listing many beaches not found on other 'Secret Beaches' compilations. Unlike most (if not all) other sites, I've not only visited all of these, but also explored the entire coast of Wales.

The ultimate secret beach is Mowingword Bay - a spectacular beach which can only be accessed by boat or by swimming. Probably the most remote secret beaches are those near Carmel Head - at the top north-west tip of Anglesey.

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Temple Bay
1. Temple Bay - Glamorgan
A short walk east along the coastal path from Southerndown will take you to a much quieter bay. Access is down a steep path with steps.
Blue Pool Bay
2. Blue Pool Bay - West Gower
A small beach with sand at low tide, whose main attraction is a large circular rock pool deep enough to jump into from the rocks above.
Tywyn Point
3. Tywyn Point - Carmarthenshire
The extreme north-western end of Pembrey Beach. Restricted access, but it's 5 miles from the nearest car park, and few people venture up this far.
Sandy Bay
4. Sandy Bay (Caldey Island)
Accessible at low tide along Caldey's north shore. Lots of small caves and almost certainly a beach to yourself.
Mowingword Bay
5. Mowingword Bay - Pembrokeshire
The ultimate secret beach, but really difficult to get to! Not listed on any other guides!
Longoar Bay
6. Longoar Bay - Pembrokeshire
A little-known beach on the north side of the Milford Haven waterway with sand at low tide, backed by low sandstone cliffs.
7. Pwllstrodur - Pembrokeshire
A small beach of dark sand and rocks on Pembrokeshire's north coast.
Porth Dwgan
8. Porth Dwgan - Pembrokeshire
A secret beach, with a secret (low-tide) access
Traeth Gwrddon
9. Traeth Gwrddon - Ceredigion
A tiny cove which the coastal path misses as it passes along the side of the steep valley.
Traeth y Coubal
10. Traeth y Coubal - Ceredigion
A small beach south of New Quay. Very quiet and peaceful.
Cemetery Beach
11. Cemetery Beach - Gwynedd
A long, sandy beach north of Aberdovey
12. Abergafren - Gwynedd
The wide, sandy estuary of the Afon Dwyryd
Carreg Wen
13. Carreg Wen - Llyn Peninsula
A small, sheltered cove just a short walk from Borth-y-Gest or Black Rock Sands.
Porth Llawenan
14. Porth Llawenan - Llyn Peninsula
A cove at the tip of the Llyn Peninsula, neighbouring Porth Ysgo.
Porth y Wrach
15. Porth y Wrach - Llyn Peninsula
The next beach along from the better-known Whistling Sands. Only accessible around low tide.
Porth Ty Mawr
16. Porth Ty Mawr - Llyn Peninsula
One of many small coves on the northern Llyn Peninsula. Access is down steep banks.
Porth Pistyll
17. Porth Pistyll - Llyn Peninsula
A low-tide sandy beach, about a mile long on the north coast of the Llyn Peninsula.
Tan y Graig
18. Tan y Graig - Llyn Peninsula
A remote beach of sand and shingle, about ½ mile long reached by a footpath from the A499 at Tan y Graig.
Traeth Abermenai
19. Traeth Abermenai - Anglesey
A wide bay of wet sand and saltmarsh, which has a sheltered sandy shore along its southern side.
Porth Lleidiog
20. Porth Lleidiog - Anglesey
A small sandy beach on Anglesey's west coast.
Porth Rhwydau
21. Porth Rhwydau - Anglesey
A small beach with caves, only accessible for a few hours around low tide.
Porth y Nant
22. Porth y Nant - Anglesey
They don't come much more secret than this one. Very remote and secluded!
23. Porthygwychiaid - Anglesey
A remote beach on Anglesey's east coast. A long walk from the nearest lane.
Tan Dinas
24. Tan Dinas - Anglesey
A beach that's not found on any other guides. Extensive remains of quarrying activity nearby.