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Sunrise : 07:15
Sunset  : 18:58

Ynys Gifftan

Ynys Gifftan

Ynys Gifftan is a small, tidal island in the wide Afon Dwyryd estuary near the village of Talsarnau. It's privately owned, covered in bracken and scrub, and has a derelict cottage on the eastern side.

The shore on most sides is sandy with a few rock-pools, and access from the village of Talsarnau is along a public footpath which leads across marshy pasture land and the sands of the estuary. Like most tidal crossings, it comes with the usual warnings, but the island is only about 400 yards from the shore and usually only cut off for a short time around high tide. However, on such a wide estuary, the sand will flood quickly on a rising tide. If crossing, make sure you are aware of the state of the tide, and look out for any channels in the sand which could fill early.

In summer, it's often possible to walk right across the sands to Abergafren or Portmeirion, but the Afon Dwyryd can be a few feet deep.

The nearest rail station is Talsarnau, about ¾ mile away.

The west side of the island
The west side of the island
The east side
The east side
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Name : David Steele
Date : 24 Sep 2018
Comment : Myself, wife Linda and the famous dogs Ellie and Mitzi left the car parked at Talsarnau station and set off to the island of Ynys Gifftan, picking our way across the salt marshes to the shore and then across the estuary to the island, round trip took about 2.5 hours in warm sunny day and was well worth it, the views all round are fantastic, going again to spend more time on the island.
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