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New Quay Harbour & Dolau

New Quay Harbour

New Quay has three main beaches - Dolau beach (west of the harbour), Harbour beach and Traeth Gwyn. Harbour beach (above) is mostly sand and is patrolled by lifeguards from the end of June until early September. A dog ban operates May to September inclusive. A swimming zone is usually set up, but at some stages of the tide boats have to cross this to reach the moorings in the harbour. Weever fish can be a problem at low tide.

Dolau beach is north of the harbour and is approximately 120 yards wide at low tide. It is mostly course sand and broken shells and backed by a seating area. Surfing, swimming, windsurfing and kayaking are popular activities, and dogs are allowed at all times.

Facilities include toilets ♿, numerous food outlets, pubs, beach shops, drinking water, a seasonal Tourist Information Centre and cycle parking. Bottlenose dolphins are often seen in Cardigan Bay and dolphin watching boat trips run from the harbour.

There is some short term roadside parking above the beach with the Central (P&D) car park situated at the southern end of the town. At low to mid-tide it is possible to walk to Traeth Gwyn and Cei Bach beaches.

Dolau Beach
Dolau Beach
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