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Beaches from Beaumaris to Newborough (133 listed)
Lying just across the Menai Strait from maionland Wales, the county of Anglesey has approximately 133 beaches. The terrain is not particularly hilly or mountainous, but rarely flat. It's superbly picturesque; the countryside is dotted with small outcrops of rock which are clad with brilliant yellow gorse flowers in spring. The cottages and bungalows which also dot the landscape are usually white-washed with immaculate gardens. There's little heavy traffic, roads and footpaths are well-maintained and it's a good choice for cycling, walking, wildlife and photography. There are approximately 132 beaches and coves on Anglesey. The main sandy beaches are to the south-east, whilst the north-western half of the island has numerous tiny coves. At the end of the A55, Holyhead has a mainline rail station and a terminal for the Irish ferries. The main beaches have Beach Wardens during the summer, but no lifeguards.

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