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Sunrise : 08:19
Sunset  : 16:41

Porth Delysg & Porth Dryw

Porth Delysg

The Anglesey Coast Path cuts across the neck of the Penrhyn headland by-passing these two beaches, but coast path walkers aren't missing much. Backed by farmland, both beaches have an upper shore of coarse grey sand and shingle, and a lower shore of seaweed-strewn rocks and sand.

Porth Delysg (above) is about 400 yards wide, and bounded on the northern side by the Penrhyn Bay Holiday Park - a path from here leading onto the shore.

Porth Dryw is about 200 yards wide and access is along the shore from either end. A small stream emerges onto the beach via a culvert.

The names 'Porth Delysg' and 'Porth Dryw' translate as 'Dulse Cove' and 'Wren Cove' respectively. The photos were taken at mid-tide.

Porth Dryw
Porth Dryw
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