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Sunrise : 08:13
Sunset  : 16:00

Porth y Ffynnon & Porth Fudr

Porth y Ffynnon

To the south of Porth Trwyn is a tiny shingle cove known as Porth Fudr and the wider cove of Porth y Ffynnon (above). This is a mostly rocky beach with some small patches of sand and a natural arch towards its southern end. It is backed by low cliffs, which drop down almost to beach level at the southern end, providing easy access. The nearest parking is at Porth Trwyn.

The beach in front of the houses (top) is Porth Trwyn, and Porth Penrhyn is to the left.

Porth Fudr and Porth y Ffynnon translate as 'Dirty Cove' and 'Cove of the Spring'.

Porth Fudr
Porth Fudr
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