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Sunrise : 08:19
Sunset  : 16:41

Porth Crugmor & Porth Penrhyn

Porth Crugmor

Porth Crugmor or Cable Bay (above) is a small picturesque cove about 750 yards south of the more popular Church Bay on Anglesey's north-west coast. The shore consists of shingle, rock-pools and low-tide sand. Access is from the coastal path which drops down to beach level. The cliffs to the north have some impressive caves, two of which are connected by an opening big enough to scramble through. The seclusion of the bay is somewhat spoiled by a holiday home overlooking it.

On the other side of the southern headland is Porth Penrhyn (Grid Ref : SH298884), which is a longer beach of sand and shingle. Access is a steep path down a gully near this headland.

'Porth Crugmor' translates as 'Sea Mound Cove'. The photos were taken at mid-tide.

Porth Penrhyn
Porth Penrhyn
Porth Penrhyn looking south
Porth Penrhyn looking south
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