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Box Bay & Raming Hole

Box Bay

Box Bay (sometimes known as Sandy Pit beach) is a picturesque sandy cove surrounded by high limestone cliffs, situated just east of Broad Haven South beach. Access to the shore is not easy and you should not attempt to visit this beach unless you are confident of your ability to reach it safely and to get off again.

The best way onto the beach is a 30 foot climb down the rocks on the west side of the bay. You need to be reasonably good at climbing down rocks and a rope would definitely be advisable, but specialist climbing skills or equipment are not necessary. The route is indicated in photos below and needs to be done around low tide. A rusty belay stake has been fixed into the rocks just before the steepest section. If you find a metal survey post, you're too far to the south.

Behind the beach is a doline known as Sandy Pit, which connects to the beach via a small cave. Depending on what the winter storms have done, this is sometimes passable but often completely blocked. Once on the beach, there is fine golden sand and plenty of caves to explore, but make sure the tide doesn't cut off your exit route. Parking is at Broad Haven South.

This is a good beach for wild swimming; about 400 yards to the west on Saddle Point is Confucius Hole - a collapsed blowhole connected to the sea by a short cave. To the east is Raming Hole - a narrow cleft in the cliffs with a sandy low-tide beach. On low spring tides, this connects with the spectacular Mowingword Bay.

From the east, showing the easiest way down
From the east, showing the easiest way down
The way down
The way down
Raming Hole
Raming Hole
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Name : David
Date : 7/9/2020
Comment : The first time I came to Box Bay with the intention of having a look - maybe climbing down, I made the mistake of parking at Stackpole Quay - then walking all along the coast - before arriving quite tired at Box Bay. On the way back I cut across - and took a much shorter route. It was a very windy day - and half an hour before I arrived it rained. This meant that approaching and working out where the route was took some considerable time - at one point I set off down the steep cliff edge - before I realised that I was totally in the wrong place. At last reason dawned on me that it would be wiser to come back another day. Today I came back - I took the more sensible option - from the car park at Bosherston - or Broadhaven South... I had a fell and heavy dry sac and a lighter rucsac with hot water, and lunch. I left both bags at the top of the cliff and headed down to the stake with my rope. Only when I got to the stake - via a far from easy walk did I realise that when I was putting my right hand down to steady myself I was also cutting my hand and fingers. The rocks are sharp and lethal. On the way back with my repacked rucsac, I sensibly put on my gloves! Made a heap of sense. I got to the rope and debated which route to go. In the end the first part seemed relatively obvious. It was quite steep, but with the rope to rely on even I managed it (a 60 year old over-weight ex PE Teacher!) One thing I would recommend is a good pair of trainers or climbing shoes.... certainly something with plenty of grip. Instead of going to the east (or left) try west... there is initially a really steep bit but the rest (whilst almost vertical) has a series of natural hand and footholds! Once you are down - it's great! You really feel special - you have the beach to yourslef! The cave was great, the sandy bits of the beach felt sheltered and not overlooked at all! A 400m swim to the next beach - no - thats a young man's game! The climb back was easy - rope section peice of cake!
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