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Sunrise : 07:17
Sunset  : 19:05

Castlebeach Bay

Castlebeach Bay

Castlebeach Bay is a small beach south of Dale Point. Roadside parking for about 10 cars can be found on the lane to Dale Fort Field Centre at the point where the coastal path leaves the road at Grid Ref : SM820052 (Lat : 51.7033°N, Lon : 5.1554°W). This lane is very narrow and not suitable for wide or long vehicles. It is a five minute walk to the bay and access is from the coastal path which drops down to near beach level.

The beach consists of red sandstone pebbles and sand at low tide, and is flanked by low wooded cliffs with a small wooded valley behind. It tends to become shady in the afternoon / evening.

The photos were taken at low tide.

Looking towards the coastal path
Looking towards the coastal path
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