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Sunrise : 08:22
Sunset  : 16:34

Drinkim & Little Drinkim


Drinkim is a small, sandy cove about 100 yards wide on the east side of Caldey Island. Although a new path has been opened on this side of the island, there is no official public access to it.

The shore is backed by a small pebble bank and high cliffs of sandstone and limestone. A gap in the rocks on the northern side leads to the smaller cove of Little Drinkim. Under dry conditions the sand at this beach makes a squeaky sound when walked on - even more so than the famous Whistling Sands beach of the Llŷn Peninsula.

The only way onto the shore is a scramble down a very steep, salebrous path which descends a small gully at the back of the beach. Several ropes have been fixed alongside the path which are essential for a safe descent.

Swimming is dangerous here due to strong currents just offshore. The photos were taken an hour before low tide.

Tideline at Drinkim
Tideline at Drinkim
Little Drinkim
Little Drinkim
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