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Frainslake Sands & Blucks Pool

Frainslake Sands

These beaches are in the Castlemartin MoD range and are off-limits to the general public at all times. A lookout post is located on the cliffs above the beach, but surfers and anglers can now obtain permits.

Frainslake Sands (above) is situated between the headland of Great Furzenip to the north and the smaller rocky headland of The Pole and is approximately ⅔ mile wide. It is mostly coarse sand with a few rocky outcrops along the middle of the beach and is backed by sandy banks, behind which is Brownslade Burrows - part of the MoD's Castlemartin Range. The beach gets its name from the stream of Frains Lake, which flows over the shingle at the southern end, next to piles of assorted driftwood which seem to collect at this end ('lake' is Pembrokeshire dialect for stream or river).

Blucks Pool (Grid Ref: SR889972) is a small secluded funnel-shaped cove just south of the rocky headland of The Pole and is about 170 yards wide. It consists of steeply-sloping coarse sand and is backed by Linney Burrows. One way to see these beaches officially is to go on the range walks, which are organised during the spring and summer - details and dates available from Tourist Information Centres.

The surf here can be huge with a good swell, usually bigger than at Freshwater West. Any surfers or anglers wishing to use this beach can obtain annual permits by attending a safety briefing at Merrion Camp in the Castlemartin Range.

Blucks Pool
Blucks Pool
Frainslake from the south
Frainslake from the south
The headland of The Pole
The headland of The Pole
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