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Swanlake Bay

The Beaches of Wales
by Alistair Hare
Out 17 Sept
A complete guide to every beach and cove around the coast of Wales. Information and photos of almost 500 beaches. An essential guide.
Swanlake Bay

Swanlake Bay is a remote sandy beach about a mile west of Manorbier. Access is by footpath from Manorbier (closest) or Freshwater East. Alternatively a public footpath runs from West Moor Farm. From Manorbier beach one way is to take the coastal path, but for a quicker and easier route, follow the lane to the top of the hill (where there are some spaces to park) and take the footpath a little further along on the left.

The beach is mostly sand and rocks, the sand at the top of the beach being coarse and gravelly. At high tide the beach is about 250 yards wide, but towards low tide it extends to the west becoming about 700 yards wide. This part of the shore consists of red sandstone rocks (which are jagged and difficult to walk over) and some low-tide sand. The beach has excellent water quality and is good for surfing, so may be worth the walk if Manorbier's a bit crowded. Swimming is generally safe but there can be a rip current on the east side, particularly in surf conditions. It seems that some people regard this as a naturist beach.

Dogs are allowed at all times. The photos were taken around mid-tide.

Tideline at Swanlake
Tideline at Swanlake
Swanlake Bay from the west
Swanlake Bay from the west
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