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Ferryside & St Ishmaels


Ferryside lies on the east side of the Towy estuary opposite Llanstephan. Free parking is available in the village near to the station with additional parking for 10 - 12 cars overlooking the beach. The beach itself is sandy and backed by a sea wall which carries the railway. The sand shelves steeply near the river, and signs warn against swimming and attempting to cross the estuary. To the south the sand continues for about half a mile, towards the beach known as St Ishmaels. At this point the shore becomes stony, some of it being waste from iron smelters. Limited parking can be found at the end of a track signposted Old Parish Road (Grid Ref: SN363077) off the coast road, from where access is a short walk over a level crossing. Continuing south towards the Gwendraeth estuary the shore becomes sandier again and is backed by the Carmarthen Bay Holiday Village (bottom photo). Currents from the two river estuaries make swimming dangerous here.

Ferryside has good facilities including toilets ♿, a cafe (The Ferry Cabin), railway station, village stores and a pub (The White Lion Hotel) all within about 100 yards of the beach. Dogs are allowed at all times.

The photo above shows Llanstephan castle on the opposite side of the river, Wharley Point and Ginst Point in the far distance.

Ferryside beach looking north
Ferryside beach looking north
View of Ferryside village and beach
View of Ferryside village and beach
St Ishmaels
St Ishmaels
There are 2 reviews for this beach :
Name : Tina
Date : 20 Feb 2014
Comment : Ferryside beach is lovely to walk along towards St Ishmaels, and you can cross the railway line and either walk back to Ferryside by the road or there is a footpath, which is well used, just beyond the church to the right, which goes over the headland. I wouldn't recommend swimming in the sea at Ferryside because of currents and there can be pollution at times.
Name : Scwp
Date : 12 Sep 2018
Comment : There is now a great ferry service between Ferryside-Llansteffan-Ferryside. Ferryside has a train station and the ferry is a few minutes walk. You can find their timetable on It takes bikes and dogs free of charge but there are some dog walking restrictions in Llansteffan so you may need to carry them a short distance. £5 each way. The ferry also does boat trips.
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