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Sunrise : 07:52
Sunset  : 17:59

Middle Hope Beach

Middle Hope Beach

The beach at Middle Hope consists mainly of shingle and rocks, with plenty of mud lower down. It looks out across the Bristol Channel towards Cardiff and Newport and is backed by low cliffs and pasture land. Of particular interest to geologists is the headland of Swallow Cliff to the west. Mostly limestone and volcanic rocks, many fossils can be found embedded in or weathered out of the rocks. Note that this is an SSSI, and extracting fossils from the rocks is not allowed.

The nearest parking is a National Trust car park at the very end of Beach Road in nearby Sand Bay. The parking is on grass and there are toilets and often an ice-cream van. From the car park you can walk out to Sand Point or over the headland to the beach.

The sea water here is usually a muddy brown colour.

Looking west
Looking west
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