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Jersey Marine Beach

The Beaches of Wales
by Alistair Hare
Out 17 Sept
A complete guide to every beach and cove around the coast of Wales. Information and photos of almost 500 beaches. An essential guide.
Jersey Marine Beach

Jersey Marine Beach (also known as Crymlyn Beach) is a 2 mile long, little-visited beach between Swansea docks and the river Neath. There are two paths from the A483 (Fabian Way) across Crymlyn Burrows to the beach. The more easterly of the two routes begins at the first junction (heading into Swansea) where there is some space to pull in and park on the left at the junction. This route involves negotiating a small inlet - muddy at low tide or about 3 - 4 feet of water at high tide. The second junction at the Swansea Gate Business Park (Grid Ref SS704930) is preferable, where roadside parking is available on the turning to the right here (Elba Crescent). Alternatively, turning left at this junction leads to a private P&D car park which also has cycle stands. From the junction, take the footpath heading south, following the fence around to the right. Access to the beach is a walk of about 700 yards along this sandy path and over dunes.

The beach is mostly sand, backed by dunes and the Crymlyn Burrows nature reserve, which is home to a wide variety of plant species and well worth exploring in summer. The tide can go out over a mile and hazards of this beach include: mud, very strong currents near the river estuary and extensive sandbanks on a low tide. Shells to be found include: razor shells, carpet shells, trough shells, slipper limpets, whelks, oysters, cockles, scallops and mussels. Dogs are allowed at all times and the beach is popular with local dog walkers.

Dunes and Beach
Dunes and Beach
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