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Somerset Beaches
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Sunrise : 07:59
Sunset  : 16:01

Ladye Bay & Margaret's Bay

Ladye Bay

These beaches are situated just a short walk from Clevedon along the coastal path. There is a free parking area on Bay Road with additional roadside parking available further along.
Ladye Bay (above) is a sheltered cove of mostly small shingle with plenty of mud lower down the beach. The low cliffs are of sandstone and siltstone. Access is down a flight of steps from the coastal path and dogs are allowed at all times.

Margaret's Bay has a profile of : sandy areas near the low water mark, patches of thick mud and seaweed covered rocks higher up and a rocky platform (popular with fishermen) above the high water mark. Access is a bit more tricky, as it involves negotiating the seaweed covered rocks and mud to reach the sand. Signs (for both beaches) warn of fast currents, soft sand, unstable cliffs and submerged objects. The seawater is a muddy colour and definitely unsuitable for bathing.

Ladye Bay from the west
Ladye Bay from the west
Margaret's Bay
Margaret's Bay
The shore at Margaret's Bay
The shore at Margaret's Bay
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