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Sunrise : 06:01
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Common Cliff & Blackhole Gut

Common Cliff

The shore at Common Cliff (above) consists mostly of wave-cut platforms of limestone, some shingle and tiny patches of sand. A little further west is Blackhole Gut (below), and a similar beach of jagged limestone rocks and shingle.

The Wales coastal path runs a few hundred yards inland and is relatively level, but walkers who stick to this route are missing out on some spectacular scenery. A smaller (more interesting) path descends Blackhole Gut and skirts the beaches at the base of the cliffs. Immediately behind the beach is the Longhole Cliff nature reserve, named after Longhole Cave which can be found at Grid Ref : SS45128506. This is about 17 yards long and ends in a narrow passage. It's difficult to find, but if you want to visit it, here are directions :
From the coast path at Foxhole Slade (car parking at Pilton Green) follow the coast path eastwards for a mile to a junction where a public footpath continues straight ahead, and the coastal path veers to the right. Aim towards the headland on your right, and as you approach it, skirt around to the left, dropping to just below the height of the top of the cliffs. You should now see a rocky protuberance, and Longhole Cave is tucked in on the other side of this.

As with much of the coast here, low-tide reefs provide good surf. Pete's Reef - named after local surfer Pete Jones - is a popular spot and lies just east of the gully of Blackhole Gut. It can be seen in the top photo. The break known as Boilers is a little closer. Due the sharp rocks and celerity of the waves these breaks are definitely not for beginners. They're also a long walk from the nearest parking.

The photo above shows the coastline looking towards Worm's Head (in the distance).

The shore at Blackhole Gut
The shore at Blackhole Gut
Longhole Cave
Longhole Cave
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