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Scott's Bay

Scott's Bay

Scott's Bay is a small, sheltered, sandy bay half a mile south of Llanstephan. Car parking is available at Llanstephan and access to Scott's Bay is either by walking the coastal path or, tide permitting, along the shore. The bay is backed by low cliffs of red sandstone and siltstone, and at low tide sandbars extend for over a mile out into Carmarthen Bay. Swimming is dangerous at this time, but generally safe around the high tide period. Dogs are allowed at all times.

To the south-west is Wharley Point, where the shore becomes rockier with patches of mud and a few caves. Surprisingly sheltered, south-sloping rocks offer places to sunbathe, with views towards the Gower and Laugharne.

About 90 yards behind the beach is St Anthony's Well - a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years - hidden away in a tiny courtyard. Often adorned with shells and flowers, its waters are reputed to have healing properties. A plaque on the wall depicts St Anthony, and another gives an insight into the well's history. To find it, follow the wide path heading inland and look for a door in the wall on the left.

The coastal path westwards from Scott's Bay climbs steadily around the wooded hillside to emerge above Wharley Point. Benches offer a good place to take in the extensive views of Carmarthen Bay from the Gower Peninsula to Caldey Island.

Shoreline at Wharley Point
Shoreline at Wharley Point
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