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Sunrise : 05:48
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Temple Bay

Temple Bay

Temple Bay is a sheltered beach of sand, shingle, small streams, wave-cut platforms and rockpools situated just east of Witches Point. It's a much quieter beach than Southerndown, and is sheltered from the westerly winds. The closest parking is the attended car park at Southerndown Beach, from where Temple Bay is just under half a mile to the south-east. The coastal path passes the site of Dunraven Castle - a mansion house which was demolished in 1963. A little further on, its walled garden still exists and is usually open to the public. A little further along the coast path is a fine viewpoint of the Heritage Coast towards Nash Point. The section of shore immediately below is known as Temple Bay.

To reach it, turn right at this point, then left up some steps, from where a steep, but well-maintained path descends to the shore. This path emerges on the rocks at the side of the beach and can be cut off by the incoming tide. The next closest egress from the shore is at Wick beach, approximately ⅔ mile to the east. Only on exceptionally low tides is it possible to walk around Witches Point to Southerndown beach.

Dogs are allowed at all times.

The view east
The view east
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