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Sunrise : 05:13
Sunset  : 21:10

Porthcawl Town Beach & Hutchwns Beach

Porthcawl Town Beach

Porthcawl Town Beach (also known as Seafront Beach) lies just west of the harbour, and is mostly rocky with some small patches of sand, and backed by the promenade. A section of the upper beach has been tarmaced to prevent erosion. Swimming is dangerous due to currents and is prohibited, and access is down steps or a slipway. Dog restrictions apply from May to September inclusive. Nearby facilities include toilets and plenty of cafes and take-aways.

Known locallly as 'The Pipe Beach', Hutchwns Beach (Grid Ref: SS809768) is the next beach west, before Hutchwns Point. It's a similar beach of limestone rocks and low-tide sand, with some patches of sand near the sea wall / promenade.

Hutchwns (The Pipe) Beach
Hutchwns (The Pipe) Beach
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